No war machine

About the inventor

Name: Petri9
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Country: Croatia
City: Vladimira Nazora 42, Petrijanec

School information

Name of the school: Jasminka Belščak
Location: Vladimira Nazora 42, Petrijanec, Croatia

What will this machine do?

My machine will prevent and end all wars. Instead of bullets and bombs that kill, it will shoot gas that stops the war and prevents all wars in the future.

Why was it invented?

I'm affraid war will come here in my town.

When was it invented?

Monday, July 4th, 2022

This Dream Machine idea has been elaborated as part of the MyMachine DreamsDrop Campaign 2022

We selected this Dream Machine idea to be part of the MyMachine DreamsDrop 2022 Campaign. 

Design Students at the Campus Querétaro of Monterrey Tech (Mexico) have been working on these ideas to translate them into product concepts. 

The results are astonishing.

The University Students explaining the prototype: --click image to start video--