Maddy the Earth Saving Quest Companion

About the inventor

Name: Planet
Age: 10
Country: Netherlands
City: Almere, 8531 Lemmer

School information

Name of the school: Planet Pilots
Location: Almere, 8531 Lemmer, Netherlands

What will this machine do?

Robot Cat Friend that would assists you on your quest to build new habitats for the wild.

Moving on wheels or flying with its drone wings, it would:

1. inspire you and 3D print your dreams (even cats!), and

2. help you know what to do when you find pollution.


Why was it invented?

Maddy the cat was a scientist. Not a regular one, with a white lab shirt and heavy glasses. A cat one, with a furry cat body and an extraordinary imagination. 

Maddy loved exploring more than taking cat naps. His favourite exploration took place every Saturday morning when his human, Quinten, was attending Planet Pilots' weekly Hangout. Quinten would spread Maddy on top of his head, and they'd enjoy a happy, creative kick-off to their weekend. Perfect bliss.

Lying on top of Quinten's head and observing was usually enough to make Maddy the happiest cat on the planet. But one day, the humans started talking about their dream machines. Maddy was all ears. Some Pilots spoke of solar-powered robots that would help construction sites safe. Others dreamt of robot-friends that would cheer up lonely kids during the lockdown. Some would save the earth from being polluted by scanning the environment for glitches and sharing ideas for remedies. Some Pilots dreamt of building delivery bots, others - of creating portals to new realms that would show humans how to create Planet 2.0, some presented awe-inspiring inspiration machines (can you imagine it? if you can't, it would be just for you!), 3D printers of their dreams, cat makers... Cat makers?? Maddy could take it no more. He decided to sneak out and build a Robot Cat that could do it all. 

He jumped off Quinten's head, sneaked into his secret workshop, grabbed his tools and got to work on Planet Pilots' Dream Machine. It would have both wheels and wings, and would be friendly, he thought. He also wanted it to dispense food (yummy fish, that is). He also thought about how dirty the streets were, so he decided to make the robot cat help clean them. He also wanted to make a robot to make more company, so he decided to print a cat for everyone in the entire universe who wanted a cat. Speaking about the universe, he wanted a bigger one, so he decided to make a chip called PlanetMaker that would make portals to new planets full of cats. Every robot has a vision, so he got a Razer.Inc VIsion motherboard. He also added a beam to stream inspirations in hologram, and a 3D printer to print every dream (cats! fish fingers!). 

The robot cat was done. He was not a hunter but a solar-powered creator with sensors for eyes and printers in paws. The cat was napping all day. Then he went to his friend Pip, the cat. And he was ready to boot up some cat stuff. Then the dogs came, and then everything changed, but that's another story.

When was it invented?

Thursday, June 10th, 2021

This Dream Machine idea has been elaborated as part of the MyMachine DreamsDrop Campaign 2021

We selected this Dream Machine idea to be part of the MyMachine DreamsDrop 2021 Campaign.

Creativity going global. We are thrilled to share that our DreamsDrop Campaign 2021 has given over 500 children the opportunity to invent and upload their dream machine drawings to our world-map of ideas. Children from all continents have joined and they are from 21 countries: Morocco, South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Armenia
Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Poland, Canada, Usa, Mexico, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

Those hundreds and hundreds of ideas go along the spectrum of fun, solving a personal problem, to create a solution for their community and others for a global issue.  That is the true power of our open-ended approach. 


In total 39 ideas were selected. For those ideas, Proof-of-Concepts (scale-models) have been build by 130 Industrial Product Design Students from


In this case, college students from Mexico worked on making a digital proof-of-concept.

The final result - click image to start video